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 Javier Zanetti

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Inter - the best

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PostajNaslov: Re: Javier Zanetti   27.05.10 0:57

Nas Capitano... Ogroman nogometas i jos veci covik klanj

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Kaze i da ce igrat jos 2 ili 3 sezone (nadan se i duze) happy 1

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PostajNaslov: Re: Javier Zanetti   27.05.10 20:32

Inter - the best je napisao/la:
Nas Capitano... Ogroman nogometas i jos veci covik klanj

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Kaze i da ce igrat jos 2 ili 3 sezone (nadan se i duze) happy 1

Engleska verzija:

Treble-winning captain Javier Zanetti spent this morning replying to questions from Inter fans in a webchat organised by Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

"Over the past fifteen years I have seen many champions and many coaches pass through, and when I think back I would have liked Simeone to stay with us for longer," said Zanetti. "I have always said that it's true that there are many foreigners and few Italians, but what counts is doing well for Inter, not what nationality you are. I think we have to be calm and happy about what we have just done. We almost don't realise it. I told my team-mates that 'we have made real history'. I think that all my team-mates are happy here, especially now that we have started a winning run."

The most difficult time?
"There have been many difficult times but I think 1999 was the worst moment. And the fifth of May was a difficult date to digest because when we look at everything that happened after, it could have ended differently in 2002. But luckily we won the Coppa Italia on that date this year."

The player you would like to play with most?

The most difficult opponent?
"Nedved, and Kaka, who was difficult to mark and capable of making the difference at any moment."

What does Inter's next coach need to have? A firm hand or the capacity to communicate?
"Both, like Mourinho. The advantage is that the new coach will find a group that is already shaped. Mourinho has done an excellent job with us in these two year and we wanted to keep winning with him, but he preferred the challenge of Spanish football and we wish him all the best."

What can you tell us about Balotelli?
"He's young, he has made a few mistakes that we hope he doesn't repeat because he can become a great champion."

The differences between lifting one trophy and another this year?
"The nicest thing is winning. Winning the first after the fight with Roma was exciting. Winning the Scudetto on the final day was even more exciting. And then we completed the treble in Madrid with a trophy that this club hadn't won for a long long time, so I think that this was the strongest emotion."

The UEFA Cup final you lost against Schalke 04?
"I didn't want to come off the pitch but the boss replaced me with Berti and I got angry. Like Mario? I think Mario has done it a few times..."

Your nickname?
"It's still The Tractor."

Your dream outside football?
"I really like music, so maybe being a singer."

What will you do after your footballing career?
"I haven't thought about it. I would like to have a role in which I can be useful to this club."

Have you ever considered leaving Inter during your career?
"I had an offer from Real during the difficult year with Tardelli, but after speaking with Moratti I told him that it was my intention to stay and he told me that his was to keep me at Inter. Cuper told me that he had heard that I wanted to leave. I told him it wasn't true, and I told him I was happy to stay."

Who is more charismatic? Moratti or Mourinho?
"They are two different people. Moratti is like a father for me; for everything that he has given me, and for believing in me when I was an unknown. I will never forget this. The coach has a strong personality and very clear ideas."

Who will be the next coach?
"It's hard to choose. There are many coaches who can do well. Capello and Hiddink? They are both great coaches."

"I was more anxious before Siena-Inter because I knew that it wouldn't be an easy game. Siena wanted to play a great game."

Your next objective on a personal level?
"I will try to surpass Bergomi's record of 759 appearances."

Did you hear from Ibra after the Champions League victory?

What have I learned from living in Italy?
"Italy has helped me mature a lot. I have learned your culture. The way of life in Argentina is very different from here."

Is there any rivalry between the Argentine and Brazilian players at Inter?
"Many people have said these things and I have to point out that it's not true. There's no rivalry between Argentines and Brazilians in the team."

The Scudetto defeat in 1998?
"It was very hard to accept. That match was important for all of us, but we know how it went."

The best coach you have ever had?
"Three. Simoni, Cuper and Mourinho."

What do you think of Calciopoli 2?
"What they are saying about Inter and Facchetti is shameful. Inter hasn't done anything. It has always believed in its work, in good faith, and it has always been damaged."

Adriano to Roma?
"I think he will do well. I think that being in Brazil has done him good."

What did I say to Mourinho at the end of the Champions League final?
"You are great. Thank you."

Is Santon your heir?
"Davide is a youngster who still has to grow, but he has great potential and he will become a great champion."

When will you retire?
"I want to keep playing and winning for two or three more seasons because I'm feeling good."
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PostajNaslov: Re: Javier Zanetti   27.05.10 22:13

Ne da mi se kopat, može li me neko od ovi starijih forumaša podsjetiti na ovo što Capitano kaže: izgubljeni scudetto 1998. i groznu sezonu 1999?
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PostajNaslov: Re: Javier Zanetti   27.05.10 22:34

Sve je sažeto u ovih pedesetak sekundi... ... ...nažalost...